Cranberry & Port Cumberland Relish

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The perfect accompaniment to cold meats, especially venison, pork, lamb or turkey and also charcuterie items, such as terrines.

Despite its German origins, this beautiful rosy hued sauce or relish is now most commonly thought to have flourished in the county of Cumbria, in the north of England.

A delectable combination of cranberries, red currant jelly, citrus zest and mustard, its piquant flavour is enhanced by a very generous dose of port and red wine

And speaking of charcuterie . . .


Fruit Mince

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This luscious blend of brandy marinated vine fruits, apples, cranberries, and exotic spices is the perfect filling for making your own festive mince tarts, and a myriad of other scrumptious pastries and desserts.

Or try spooning it over your favourite ice-cream for an everyday treat.

Simply scrumptious!

Of course, if you’d rather try our beautifully packaged mince tarts . . .

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