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Fig and Walnut Dessert Christmas Pudding with Liqueur Muscat

Chocolate Truffle and Grand Marnier Dessert Christmas Pudding with Chocolate Burst Centre

The Christmas Pudding for people who don’t want Christmas Pudding

Gluten Free Classic Christmas Puddings

Gluten Free Classic Christmas Puddings in Hessian Cloth

Christmas Puddings Hessian The Gourmet Merchant

Gluten Free Classic Christmas Puddings in Green Cloth


Classic Christmas Puddings in Ceramic Bowls

Classic 500 gram Christmas Pudding in White Ceramic Bowl & Acetate Box

Christmas Pudding Acetate Box The Gourmet Merchant

Classic 1.0 kilo Christmas Pudding in a Red Ceramic Bowl

Christmas Pudding Bowl The Gourmet Merchant

Christmas Cakes

"Partridge in a Pear Tree” Christmas Cake Collection

with Speculaas Cookies 120gm

Christmas Biscuits & Shortbreads

Connoisseurs Collection Oven Baked Christmas Shortbread Biscuits

Connoisseurs Collection Shortbread Biscuits in 120g and 60g Christmas Diamond Packs with cello window.

Traditional European-style biscuits 120 gm

Christmas Cakes Speculaas CookiesThe Gourmet Merchant

Traditional European-style Speculaas Cookies 120 gm

Christmas Mince Tarts

"Partridge in a Pear Tree" Christmas Mince Tart Collection

Christmas Panforte

Panforte di Siena Nuova Cucina The Gourmet Merchant

Panforte di Siena

Traditional Panforte and Panforte di Cioccolata are the finest Italian style panfortes made in Australia. 200gm

Handmade Christmas Confectionery, Sweets and Decorations

Humbugs and Rock Candy

Confectionery Humbugs Rock Candy The Gourmet Merchant

Traditional hand made boiled sweets, intensely flavoured and packaged in striking glass jars (110g net)

• Bullseyes Humbugs • Celtic Creams (with Bailey’s) • Pink Grapefruit Rock Candy • Choc Mint Humbugs •
• Chocolate Rock Candy • Citrus Rock Candy • Festive Humbugs • Watermelon Rock Candy • Aniseed Humbugs • Raspberry Humbugs • Sherbet Allsorts •

Confectionery Lollipops Christmas Trees The Gourmet Merchant

Christmas Tree Lollipops

Cranberry and Vanilla Mistletoe Trees

Confectionery Lollipop Lolita Love Heart The Gourmet Merchant

Plaisir d'Amour Heart

Musk and Vanilla

Lolita's Love Heart

Cranberry Musk and Vanilla

Confectionery Lollipops Pretty In Pink The Gourmet Merchant

Pretty in Pink Flowers

Musk and Vanilla

Confectionery Lollipop Rainbow The Gourmet Merchant

Rainbow Swirl Lollipop