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All of our products come beautifully packaged - you really can tell our books by their covers.

On this page we have selected some which are especially suited because of their size, their shelf life, and their ambient temperature storage and transport for hamper companies, corporate gifts, marketing and promotions.


Specialty Retailers such as . . .

  • newsagencies
  • pharmacies
  • florists
  • gift shops
  • homewares
  • bookshops
  • confectioners

Hamper Companies

From the outset, so much of our range has been designed with hamper company clients in mind - including hamper packs of some of our most popular ranges.


Corporate Gifts

Brilliant presentation and size make so many of our products perfect for impressing your clients, customers and staff.

And we can add your corporate badging.


Marketing & Promotions Companies

Ideal look and size for promotions, and can be given your client’s badging.

Christmas Puddings and Desserts

Christmas Puddings Partridge In A Pear Tree The Gourmet Merchant

“Partridge in a Pear Tree” Classic Christmas Pudding Collection

Fig and Walnut Dessert Pudding

Fig and Walnut Dessert Christmas Pudding with Liqueur Muscat

chocolate truffle dessert pudding with grand marnier the gourmet merchant

Chocolate Truffle and Grand Marnier Dessert

Christmas Puddings Cloth The Gourmet Merchant

Christmas Puddings in Cloth

Christmas Puddings Hessian The Gourmet Merchant

Gluten Free Christmas Puddings in Hessian Cloth

Christmas Pudding Acetate Box The Gourmet Merchant

Classic 500 gram Christmas Pudding in Ceramic Bowl & Acetate Box

Christmas Pudding Bowl The Gourmet Merchant

Classic 1.0 kilo Christmas Pudding in a Red Ceramic Bowl

Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cakes Speculaas The Gourmet Merchant

"Partridge in a Pear Tree” Christmas Cake Collection

Christmas Biscuits and Shortbreads

Biscuits European Collection The Gourmet Merchant

Christmas Shortbread Biscuits

Christmas Cakes Speculaas CookiesThe Gourmet Merchant

Speculaas Cookies

Biscuits European Collection The Gourmet Merchant

Traditional European-style biscuits

Christmas Mince Tarts

Christmas Mince Tarts The Gourmet Merchant

"Partridge in a Pear Tree" Christmas Mince Tart Collection


Panforte di Siena Nuova Cucina The Gourmet Merchant

Panforte di Siena

Christmas Confectionery

Christmas Boiled Sweets Festive Humbugs The Gourmet Merchant
Confectionery Humbugs Rock Candy The Gourmet Merchant

Although any of our sparkling range of humbugs and rock candy make great gifts, we do have a special FESTIVE style of humbug.

Confectionery Lollipops Christmas Trees The Gourmet Merchant

Especially for Christmas, Christmas Tree lollipops.

Olive Oils Balsamic Vinegars

olive oil balsamic vinegar The Gourmet Merchant

Nuova Cucina Balsamic Vinegars and Extra Virgin Olive Oils in 250 ml glass bottles.


Nuova Cucina Caramelized Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena in 100ml glass bottles.

Confectionery Sweets and Treats

Confectionery Humbugs Rock Candy The Gourmet Merchant

Humbugs and Rock Candy

Traditional hand made boiled sweets, intensely flavoured and packaged in striking glass jars (110g net)

Confectionery Lollipop Lolita Love Heart The Gourmet Merchant

Love Heart Lollipops

Confectionery Lollipops Pretty In Pink The Gourmet Merchant

Pretty in Pink Flower Lollipops

Confectionery Lollipop Rainbow The Gourmet Merchant

Rainbow Swirl Lollipop

Sweet Biscuits, Savoury Cheese Biscuits, Crispbreads, Shortbreads

Biscuits Crispbreads The Gourmet Merchant

Fruit and Seed Crispbreads

Biscuits Savoury Cheese The Gourmet Merchant

Savoury Cheese Biscuits

Biscuits Biscotti The Gourmet Merchant

Nuova Cucina Biscotti 160g

Biscuits Melting Moments The Gourmet Merchant

Melting Moments 120g

Sweets Biscuits Connoisseur Collection The Gourmet Merchant

Diamond Pack Sweet Biscuits

Biscuits European Collection The Gourmet Merchant

European-style biscuits 120 gm

Henry Langdon Classic, Organic and Exotic Blends of Hot Chocolate, Cocoas and Chai Lattes.

Henry Langdon Drinking Chocolate The Gourmet Merchant

Drinking Chocolate

Henry Langdon Chai Latte The Gourmet Merchant

Chai Latte

Henry Langdon Cocoa Pure The Gourmet Merchant

Pure Cocoa

Also in the Range . . .

Honey Chai Latte

Cocoa and Chai Spice

Vanilla Chai Latte

Drinking Chocolate - Malt

Drinking Mocha

Chilli Cocoa

Henry Langdon Loose Leaf Teas in Smart Metal Caddies

Henry Langdon Tea Chamomile Lavender The Gourmet Merchant

Chamomile & Lavender Tea

Henry Langdon Tea Chai Spice The Gourmet Merchant

Chai Spice Tea

Henry Langdon Tea Earl Grey The Gourmet Merchant

Earl Grey Tea

Also comes in …

English Breakfast Tea

Jasmine and Green Tea

Green Tea & Mint

Lemongrass & Ginger Tea

Organic Green Tea

Peppermint Tea

Henry Langdon Sea Salt Rubs

Excellent for barbecue themed hampers.

Henry Langdon Salt Rub Bouquet Garni The Gourmet Merchant

Sea Salt Rub Bouquet Garni

Henry Langdon Salt Rub Coriander Kaffir Lime The Gourmet Merchant

Sea Salt Rub Coriander, Chilli & Kaffir Lime

Henry Langdon Salt Rub Chilli Garlic The Gourmet Merchant

Sea Salt Rub Chilli & Garlic

Also in the Range . . .

Sea Salt Rub - Rosemary

Sea Salt Rub Smoked Paprika & Basil

Sea Salt Rub Cracked Black Pepper

Sea Salt Rub Roasted Spice

Henry Langdon Spice Mixes

Henry Langdon Spice Chermoula The Gourmet Merchant


Henry Langdon Spices Ras El Hanout The Gourmet Merchant

Ras el Hanout

Henry Langdon Spices Dukkah The Gourmet Merchant


Henry Langdon Spices Greek Yiros The Gourmet Merchant

Greek Yiros

Cook-at-Home Rice Puddings and Brownie Mixes

This range is very popular with hamper companies specialising in realestate settlement hampers.


Gluten-Free Simmer-and-Serve Rice Pudding Mixes


Chocolate Rice Pudding Mixes


Brownie Mixes