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Thin Lizzies Wafers

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Thin Lizzies Charcoal

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Thin Lizzies Cracked Pepper

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Thin Lizzies Chia & Sesame Seed

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Thin Lizzies Beetroot

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Thin Lizzies Sesame Seed

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Thin Lizzies Mediterranean

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Fruit and Seed Crispbreads

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"Nuova Cucina" Biscotti

"Nuova Cucina" Biscotti


A traditional Italian crisp biscuit to be enjoyed with coffee or your favourite dessert wine.

History has it that biscotti, the quintessential Italian treat, was first created in Tuscany, in the town of Prato, and the word "biscotti" translated from Italian, means "twice baked".  These sweet little morsels are traditionally served with caffe noir and their crunchy texture makes them perfect for dunking.  For a superb finish to a meal, serve biscotti alongside glasses of vin santo, to dunk into.  Simply irresistible!

Made to traditional and time honoured recipes Nuova Cucina biscotti embrace all that is best in Australian ingredients and are brought to your table by artisanal bakers.

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chocolate and hazelnut

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orange and ginger

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cranberry and pistachio

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almond and pinenut

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Also available as deli packs . .

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European Collection

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Melting Moments


  • Coffee Crème (4 x 35g)
  • Passionfruit Creme (4 x 35g) -
  • Raspberry Crème (4 x 35g)