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Biscuits Crispbreads The Gourmet Merchant

Artisan Fruit and Seed Crispbreads

cranberry and hazelnut

rosemary raisin and hazelnut

fig and olive

Biscuits Savoury Cheese The Gourmet Merchant

Savoury Cheese Biscuits

cheese and rosemary

cheese and cracked pepper

cheese and sundried tomato

Sweets Biscuits Connoisseur Collection The Gourmet Merchant
Sweets Biscuits Connoisseur Collection The Gourmet Merchant

Diamond Pack Sweet Biscuits 120g & 60g

Passionfruit Shortbread

Chocolate Espresso

Honey Pecan

Biscuits Biscotti The Gourmet Merchant

Nuova Cucina Biscotti 160g

chocolate and hazelnut

orange and ginger

almond and pinenut

cranberry and pistachio

Biscuits Biscotti The Gourmet Merchant

A traditional Italian crisp biscuit to be enjoyed with coffee or your favourite dessert wine.

History has it that biscotti, the quintessential Italian treat, was first created in Tuscany, in the town of Prato, and the word "biscotti" translated from Italian, means "twice baked".  These sweet little morsels are traditionally served with caffe noir and their crunchy texture makes them perfect for dunking.  For a superb finish to a meal, serve biscotti alongside glasses of vin santo, to dunk into.  Simply irresistible!

Made to traditional and time honoured recipes Nuova Cucina biscotti embrace all that is best in Australian ingredients and are brought to your table by artisanal bakers.

Biscuits Melting Moments The Gourmet Merchant

Melting Moments 120g

raspberry cream

coffee cream

passionfruit cream

Biscuits European Collection The Gourmet Merchant

Traditional European-style biscuits

Dutch Cinnamon Speculaas Cookies

Bishop Hats Cookies

Vanilla Crescents

Hazelnut Crunchies

Harlequin Cookies

Dutch Cinnamon Speculaas Cookies

Traditional Dutch Cinnamon Cookies with Almonds.

These aromatic, spicy cookies have long been associated with the celebration of the birthday of Saint Nicholas or "Sinterklaas", when these tempting treats are enjoyed.
But you need not wait till December to indulge.

Make every day a celebration and treat yourself with Speculaas Cinnamon Cookies at any time.

Made by hand in the traditional Dutch way.

Bishop Hats Cookies

Classic cinnamon and ginger cookies with rosehip jam.

When asked to provide afternoon tea for a visiting Bishop, the inventive nuns from an Austrian convent produced a feast, including a platter of biscuits in shapes resembling the moon, starts, angels and of course, a Bishop's Hat.

A lovely buttery biscuit with mild ginger overtones, complemented by the exotic taste of rosehip jam.


Vanilla Crescents

Classic almond shortbread cookies dusted with icing sugar.

It seems that in old Czechoslovakia all things sweet come in crescent shapes.  This beautiful little biscuit is no exception.

Made from a recipe dating back many centuries, it is a non-traditional soft style shortbread flavoured with almond and pure vanilla.

Simply irresistible!

Hazelnut Crunchies

Hazelnut Meringue Cookies. Gluten free and dairy free.

This crunchy, delicious biscuit topped with whole hazelnut originated in the beautiful European city of Prague at the turn of the 20th century.

Bursting with flavour, hazelnut crunchies are very popular as a treat to accompany tea of coffee.

Harlequin Cookies

Rich chocolate and vanilla swirl cookies.

Superior quality dark exotic cocoa and the pure flavour of vanilla are entwined together in this fun biscuit.

Originating in Germany, Harlequins were first created to capture the essence of the season of Carnival