champagne christmas pudding the gourmet merchant
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Our new French Champagne (yes, I know there is no other type of champagne) Christmas puddings have a real sparkle and lightness about them which will appeal to retailers and hamper companies wanting to add a real fizz to their Christmas presentations this year.

As ...

Rocky Road by The Gourmet Merchant
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According to Wikipedia (yes Veronica, we are donors) the origin of what they call a "dessert" is unclear, but it gets a mention back in 1853 in Australia, where rocky road was supposedly created to flog confectionery that had gone very off during the voyage from Europe to the colonies, by adding locally-grown nuts and cheap chocolate ...

The Gourmet Merchant
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I know covid19 is a serious business, especially right now in Victoria, but these patrons at the Terrace Deli in Little Collins St are having a great time.

Even if it means flouting social distancing rules.

But very soon it will all be legit, won't it Mr Andrews..

Thin Lizzie Wafer Crackers
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Just had to tell you that our wonderful new Thin Lizzie wafer crackers have arrived.

Hamper and gift companies will love their striking packaging which makes a fresh change from the usual crackers on offer.

And for food retailers they are so eye-catching that they'll grab the impulse and targeted buyer, and ...