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Brought to you by The Gourmet Merchant

Preserved & Pickled

Chutney Traditional and Contemporary.

Preserved Pickled Chutney Mango The Gourmet Merchant

Chutney in 275g jars

  • Fennel and Honey
  • Plum and Coriander
  • Tomato, Pepper, Chili and Lime
  • Caramelised Onion
  • Rhubarb and Orange
  • Spicy Mango
  • Cranberry and Cointreau
  • The Farmhouse

"Just for Cheese" range of chutney in 175g jars

  • Quince, Cardamon and Rose
  • Plum and Blackberry with a hint of Spice
  • Champagne and Truffle Jelly
  • Rosé with Pink Peppercorn Jelly
  • Fig, Pear and Fennel
  • Rhubarb, Date and Ginger Chutney
  • Fig and Port Chutney
  • Beetroot and Orange Chutney
  • Pear, Ginger and Chilli
Photo by Ratul Ghosh on Unsplash