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Legend has it that Turkish Delight or lokum, was first created by one Bekir Affendi, who first journeyed to Istanbul in 1777 from the eastern Turkish province of Anatolia.

In fact, his very first shop, named Haci Bekir, to be found in a narrow street close to the spice bazaar in the heart of Istanbul is still owned by his descendants and is run by the fifth generation of families he originally employed.

The Turkish name for the dessert comes from the Arabic rahat-ul-hulkum which translates as “soothe or heal the throat”. The name was then abbreviated to rahat lokum and finally to lokum.

Not much has changed in 242 years, with the classic flavours remaining, amongst them rose and mint, lemon and orange. New flavours however, have emerged over the years, and we have included one in our selection.

Our selection includes Rose, Mint and Pomegranate and a mixed box with these three variants.

The hardest thing about our Turkish Delight is stopping at one!

The Convent Gallery in Daylesford showing off our new Turkish Delight range.